De Vloer

jaar van oprichting 2014
Grotehondstraat 44
2018 Antwerpen

At De Vloer a small nucleus of experienced advertising professionals is orbited by a team of either impressively talented freelancers or exceptionally good looking interns. Stuffed into a nifty lofty workspace. Soaked in liters of mediocre coffee.

At De Vloer we believe in focusing on what we do well. And we’re pretty damn good at developing smart strategic and creative communication for brands. That’s because it’s what we like doing most. Just like we love teaming up with specialists in other fields.

We believe that most brands don’t need a big agency with a long lettered name. Most value in advertising is added by just a few key people. Which is why we don’t feel like hiring and paying 50 employees. And we’re guessing neither do you.