I’m a young graphic designer born and raised in Antwerp. I’ve been passionate about design and illustration for as long as I can remember. Starting out with photoshop at the age of 10 I can proudly say I’ve already have 14 years of technical expiernce in that area. During the course of time illustrator and inDesign became 2 very close friends as well. I love typography, there’s nothing more satisfying in this profession than looking perfectly alligned and kerned typography. It is by any means the fashion of text. I can look at different sorts of fonts and match them’ up all day long. The thing I enjoy most about graphic design in the process, I love big projects that ask all my undivided attention for a long time. I love everything about graphic design but if I have to choose a few favourites I have to go for editorial design and branding. I love the way graphic designers can create a visual meaning to a certain brand, how the designer is responisble for the visual data that a certain company or service wants to represent. how a designer decides the look and feel of everything around us. I don’t see graphic design as a job, I see it as my passion.... and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to share this passion with you.