The times they are a-changin’. The whole world is turning digital. Print colours are often hastily chosen on RGB screens and roll out of printers in a snap. Faster! Cheaper! Quick is the only option.

Is it really? 

An and Stoffel’s love for traditional slow printing techniques made them move mountains. Well, not exactly mountains… but tons and tons of lead type, cast iron letterpress machines and wood type cabinets. Saving these beauties from the scrapyard step by step, they gathered a nice collection of hands-on printing material. Kastaar became an exhausting self-taught adventure, with the looks of a small museum of craftsmanship. 

The limitations of slow printing, combined with contemporary techniques and insights, challenge them to rethink their design process. Kastaar is more than a print shop. It’s a bold playground for graphic experiment and collaboration. Embracing the past, with eyes on the future. 

By the way … In Dutch, the word kastaar means daredevil or little rascal, but also heavy object. Nailed it! 


An Eisendrath Owner - Creative Craftsman - Analog Printer
Stoffel Van den Bergh Owner - Creative Craftsman - Analog Printer