jaar van oprichting 1969
hogenakkerhoekstraat 21
9150 Kruibeke

VERHAERT is an integrated product innovation centre.

Our product innovation services cover the complete innovation life cycle from strategy over development towards industrial and commercial launch. We integrate technology, business and user centered design in new products and concepts

At VERHAERT we believe that successful innovation requires an integrated approach focussed on value creation. Therefore we manage towards the ‘sweet spot of innovation’: the integration of technology, business and design innovation. Verhaert delivers managed innovation services integrating those disciplines through the entire process, from strategy over product development towards the launch of your new product.

Our experts are generalists, making the difference by approaching highly conceptual and complex matters in a very pragmatic and tangible way. We do this in an open and flexible style to our customers, mainly by:

  • Visual thinking and rapid prototyping
  • Working in autonomous multidisciplinary teams fueled by 8 specialized labs
  • Our proprietary developed RICE methodology
  • Transferring know-how and technology through different sectors